Singletree | Edwards, CO
This 7,500 SF 6 bedroom LEED designed home is focused around a central stone covered courtyard with large sliding and accordion door systems which allow the interior rooms to flow out to the covered outdoor dining and seating areas as well as an outdoor fireplace. The home is configured of three wings with fire treated wood shingle roofs connected by low slope metal roofs which are rotated relative to each other better integrate the house into the site, reduce its mass, take best advantage of the views, maximize solar exposure for the PV and hot water solar panels on the master wing roof, and to create a more dynamic design. The palette of the exterior materials blends into the surrounding landscape and includes a local stone veneer, reclaimed weathered wood siding, large heavy timber supported roof overhangs for protection from the elements and sun, dark patinated exposed steel structural elements and steel railings throughout.
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