As part of the team involved in the successful redevelopment of the easternmost portion of Vail’s ageing and dilapidated Timber Ridge employee housing, Berglund Architects worked closely with planners at the Town of Vail to come up with a cost-effective solution to combating the valley’s housing crisis. The design needed to be focused on maximizing density while achieving the owner’s financial goals within the time frame of the land’s limited 50 year lease.

The design of this 114 unit development is comprised of four new detached, three-story tall apartment buildings with a mix of one and two bedroom units, 153 surface parking spaces, an open space park for the residents and improved public transit facilities. Exterior façade materials include a mix of stucco, cementious siding, and corrugated metal. Additional accents such as exterior patios and decks and exposed heavy timber columns enhance the contemporary alpine design of sloping roof forms, gables, and shed dormers.

In designing the individual units, we focused on creating compact and functional but livable spaces, with high ceilings, large windows and access to outdoor decks and ample storage. The buildings’ fixtures, finishes and materials were all selected for durability and affordability to ensure longevity and minimal necessary maintenance, and to keep the cost accessible to the valley’s low to moderate income residents and seasonal employees. Now known as Lion’s Ridge Apartments, the development has been a feature in local news as the only affordable rental accommodation currently under construction in the valley.


Affordable Housing June 2018

Vail Daily October 2015

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