Berglund Architects is committed to providing and promoting environmentally responsible design. Clients are always encouraged to incorporate super insulation, energy efficient, sustainable and healthy indoor building practices into their projects.  The firm has incorporated gray water recycling; rain water harvesting; photovoltaic (PV) solar for electricity generation; hot water solar for domestic hot water and radiant heating; passive solar heating; and geothermal heating and cooling into its recent homes.  Most homes the firm currently designs incorporate at least 50% more insulation than a typical code built home via triple glaze windows; cellulose insulation in wall and roof cavities; and continuous rigid foam insulation on the exterior walls and roof.  The staff spends extensive time researching new but tested cost effective environmental products and building practices.

The firm is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has designed eight LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects at various level of completion representing all of the various certification levels.   Two completed homes are Energy Star and LEED certified.  One of which uses 57% less energy and the other uses 45% less energy than a typical code built home of the same size.    Another home in the final certification process is expected to achieve LEED Silver and two recently completed homes are expected to receive LEED Platinum Certification.   One of these homes which features bio based closed cell spray foam super insulation throughout, a PV solar system, and a geothermal heating and cooling system uses only approximately 30% of the energy of a typical code built home of the same size, while the other may achieve net zero energy consumption per its super insulation, passive solar design and significant PV and hot water solar systems.  The firm is currently designing two other LEED homes which target LEED Silver and a LEED registered office building.

Berglund Architects designed a highly sustainable home in the Caribbean to minimize the need for air conditioning and “public provided water” through a holistic approach that included a ventilated and insulated roof; large overhangs to shade the house from the sun; 16” thick masonry walls to moderate mid day temperature extremes; carefully planned windows for cross ventilation;  large covered outdoor living spaces, rain water harvested from the concrete tile roof for all domestic water needs and the use of gray water from an onsite sewer treatment system for all irrigation.

Berglund Architects is highly focused on creating beautiful healthy indoor living environments and specifies low and non VOC paints, stains, glues and sealer; air to air heat exchangers to provide a continuous supply of fresh air; and durable hard flooring surfaces. It is also committed to using durable long lasting low maintenance products as well as reclaimed, local and tested recycled products.

Berglund Architects further strives to minimize its business practices’ impacts on the environment by donating to environmental causes. Since 2006, money has been donated to local environmental groups including the Eagle Valley Land Trust, The Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability and the Walking Mountains Science Center (formerly the Gore Range Natural Science School).

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Berglund Architects